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E. L. Doctorow


American novelist E. L. Doctorow died yesterday at age 84.

The New York Times called Doctorow “a leading figure in contemporary American letters” who “situated fictional characters in recognizable historical contexts, among identifiable historical figures and often within unconventional narrative forms….” Read the full obituary here.



Perhaps the most important book on surfing in decades.

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Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

From Thad Ziolkowski’s reveiw in the New York Times Book Review:

“Most canonical accounts of surfing, from Captain Cook to Tom Wolfe, are written by nonsurfers who tend to wax gooey about the sport’s joys while getting its mechanics and ethos laughably wrong. Yet when surfers themselves began to write about it, in the 1960s, what they produced was usually bad in other ways — pretentious, semiliterate, purple or merely slight. It came to seem that surfing, like some pagan mystery cult, might simply defy literary representation, remaining properly understood only by initiates who were too busy surfing to learn to write.

“Then, in the summer of 1992, there ­appeared in The New Yorker a long, two-part article by William Finnegan titled “Playing Doc’s Games” that was instantly recognized as a masterpiece.”

Here, twenty-three years later, is William Finnegan’s memoir of an obsession.


Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman is now on sale!

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The most anticipated novel in years, Go Set a Watchman was all over television and the Internet this weekend.  You can order a copy by calling us at the store or through our website – just click on the book cover above.