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Nice little collection of German poetry, etc

June 11, 2014


Most of these were published by Insel Verlag, a German publisher in Leipzig. The format of small books by worthy authors and poets  was copied by Penguin when they created their King Penguin editions. These in turn were part of the inspiration for the Modern Library.

Bertold Brecht. Liebesdichte. Insel-Bucherie Nr. 852.

Rainer Maria Rilke. Das Stunden-Buch. Insel Taschenbuch 2.

Rainer Maria Rilke. Duineser Elegian. Suhrkamp Verlag.

Walter Benjamin. Goethes Wahlverwandtschaften. Insel-Bucherie Nr. 812.

Heinrich Heine. Gedichte. Insel-Bucherei Nr. 637.


Amazon suggests people order Hachette titles elsewhere, so . . .

June 6, 2014


The story so far – Amazon is pushing for concessions from Hachette on the split of ebook revenues. So it has slowed shipments on Hachette print titles and removed the pre-order buttons on forthcoming books. For more, including a link to Stephen Colbert’s views on the issue, see this NY Times article here. Also, the LATimes has a good overview here.

Like many independent booksellers, we’re happy to support Hachette and their authors. Follow this link for a list of Hachette titles in stock. We will also order any other Hachette titles for you. Pick up in the store or have us ship to you – no shipping charge.


Local author’s second mystery

June 3, 2014
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Black Current: A Mystery (Jaymie Zarlin Mystery #2)
by Karen Keskinen

How far would you go to avenge someone you love?
It’s August, and Santa Barbara, California hasn’t tasted a drop of rain for months when P.I. Jaymie Zarlin learns a popular high school athlete has drowned in a tank at the city aquarium. The police are calling Skye Rasmussen’s death an accident, but his distraught parents, unconvinced, hire Jaymie to find out the truth.
Eager to prove she’s up to the challenge of solving the case, Jaymie investigates and uncovers an array of suspects. But when information begins to surface about her own brother, who died three years ago in the downtown jail, Jaymie is torn between doing right by her clients and exposing the truth about a mystery that lies much closer to home.